“Marked takes notes so you don't have to”

Audio Conversations

Real-time conversations, one or more people, anytime, anywhere.

Marked records & analyses each participant's audio stream, bubbling up actionable insights, intelligence and sentiment.

It works on any modern browser or device and best of all you don't need to download a thing!

Actionable Intelligence

Marked breaks down the insights into an easily digestable report.

Any links, notes and marked points of interest during the session are timestamped to the audio.

All conversations are searchable, listen to snippets or the full conversation.

Your Workflow

We'll be releasing a variety of 3rd party integrations with popular services allowing actionable data from your conversations to be plugged directly into your day-to-day workflow.

The Marked API will allow you to build custom integrations to fit your needs.

Early access

We're slowly opening up, if you would like to to try Marked please register your email address and we'll contact you very soon. By continuing you agree to our Privacy Policy.

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